Valeting at Kintore Car Sales

Operating as Kintore Vehicle Valeting (KVV) is our onsite professional valeting service that offers private packages.

From our Large valeting bay (will house 9 cars) we have everything required to give you a first-class finish. We use high-end products and have a vast experience of how to get the most from your car whether it’s the interior or exterior valeting all the way to paint correction.

  • Book Your car for a valet to coincide with its service work being carried out
  • Fully Insured while on site
  • High Level Products Rupes, Autoglym, Autosmart, Auto Finesse, Meguiar’s and others
  • Interior & Exterior Work Undertaken
  • Gift Vouchers and block Bookings available

Machine polishing at Kintore Car Sales
Valeting Bay at Kintore Car Sales
Valeting Machine at Kintore Car Sales
 Valeting products at Kintore Car Sales
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Refresh Refresh Plus Valet Showroom
Pre-Wash  Pre-Wash Pre-wash  Pre-Wash 
Foam Handwash  Foam Handwash  Foam Handwash  Foam Handwash 
Dressing  Dressing Light Interior  Dressing  Dressing 
–  Glass Dressing  Decontamination  Full Interior 
–  Interior Dressing  Polish  Machine Polish & Finishing 
–  –  Extended Interior   
Standard Car – £40
Large Car – £45
Standard Car – £80
Large Car – £90
Standard Car – £150
Large Car – £165
Standard Car – £300
Large Car – £330

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Upholstery and Interior Cleaning

The interior of the car is one of the hardest areas to fully clean due to the complex nature of the setup. So many dust or dirt traps and with an active lifestyle, Children or pets can certainly get to an unmanageable point very quickly. Kintore Vehicle Valeting offers Full Interior Cleans, Vacuuming, Leather Treatment, Leather Conditioning, Fabric Shampooing, Carpet shampooing, Fabric Treatment, Plastic Dressing, Plastic treatment and Air Conditioning Bacterial Removal

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Service Price
Windscreen Polish Repellent £40.00
Tailored Carpet or Rubber Mats Available From £20.00
Engine Bay Degreased & Dressed £20.00
Full Clay Bar Treatment From £20.00