Kintore Car Sales where peace of mind comes as standard when buying ‘your’ new car.

Safeguarding Your Journey

We are delighted to offer you extended peace of mind through Crystal Clear Warranty – the warranty of choice for the motor trade’s finest dealers since 1984, and the recognised mark of quality in driving the standard of customer care.
Our warranty cover levels safeguard the vital components of your vehicle in the event of unexpected mechanical or electrical failure. With a generous individual claim limit and diagnostic costs included on valid claims, you can drive away happy knowing we are behind you for every mile.

Gen Assist Rescue & Recovery

For further peace of mind, you also receive nationwide rescue and recovery through GenAssist – your emergency breakdown service available
24 hours a day 365 days a year. Featuring Doorstep Assistance, Breakdown Assistance and Nationwide Recovery, in the event of a breakdown or even everyday motoring hiccups like keys locked in the vehicle or running out of fuel, GenAssist will be there to help you get back on the road.
Crystal Clear Warranty is our promise to you for complete peace of mind on your journey…

Wording Approved by the Plain English Campaign

Every word in your warranty document has been reviewed and approved by the Plain English Campaign for clarity. This means there are no unnecessary technical terms or vague descriptions – just easy-to-read English to help you understand what is covered and how we can help you.
In the unlikely event of a mechanical or electrical failure, making a claim is easy. There are no claims forms to fill in. Simply call the team at Crystal Clear Warranty on 01522 513833 and receive help from experienced technicians who are there to help you get back on the road.

Crystal Clear Warranty - Engine ENGINE
Cylinder Block
Crank / Pistons
Cylinder Head / Gasket
Pistons / Con Rods
Valve Gear
Timing Chain / Timing Belt
Inlet / Exhaust Manifold
Valve Springs
Core Plugs
Crystal Clear Warranty - Engine FUEL SYSTEM
Fuel Pump
EGR Valve
Oxygen Sensors
Fuel Pressure Regulator
DPF Pressure Sensor
Glow Plugs
Crystal Clear Warranty - Engine ELECTRICAL SYSTEM
Starter Motor / Alternator
Ignition Coils
Central Locking Components
Air Bag System
Crystal Clear Warranty - Engine TRANSMISSION / DRIVETRAIN
Gears / Syncros
Driveshaft / CV Joints
Wheel Bearings
All Parts in Transmission Casing
Crystal Clear Warranty - Engine BRAKING SYSTEM
Master Cylinder
Brake Calipers
ABS Pump / Module
ABS Wheel Sensors
Parking Brake Motor
Crystal Clear Warranty - Engine STEERING
Steering Rack
Power Steering Pump
Steering Column
Power Steering Motor
Track Rod Ends
Steering Angle Sensor
Crystal Clear Warranty - Engine SUSPENSION
Coil Springs
Shock Absorbers
Ball Joints
High Pressure Pump
Anti-Roll Bar Links
Wishbones / Bushes
Crystal Clear Warranty - Engine COOLING SYSTEM
Water Pump
Engine Temp Sensors
Heater Matrix
Viscous Fan Coupling
Air Con Condensor
Air Con Compressor